Baltimore, MD - Aug. 14, 2022 - While "sof-zman" is unfortunately infamous for its laxity in year-end learning and growth, at Mesivta Shaarei Chaim the opposite was achieved by pushing down harder on the gas!

The last incredible two and a half weeks of the school year 5782 were spent on the sprawling, beautiful grounds of the Middle Creak Retreat Center of Airville, PA. The serenity and exhilaration that such a setting fostered, coupled with Siyatta D’Shmaya,  produced sedarim and tefillos that were unparalleled, and Shabbosos that were really מעין עולם הבא! It was a tremendous nachas to see bachurim shteig, displaying much simcha and enthusiasm down to the final hours.

In addition, the achdus and connection formed with Rabbeim and friends was priceless. The year came to its fitting conclusion with a grand “Siyum Hashana” (including multiple siyumim on מסכתות גיטין  and מגילה), which was graced with the presence of many proud parents. The celebration of the year's accomplishments and hard work erupted into song and dance which lasted "forever"!

The grand finale was the video/music recap of a stunning year that left some of the audience in tears. It can be viewed here. Preparations for another great זמן are well underway, as we eagerly anticipate the approaching start date of מתיבתא שערי חיים, שנת תשפ"ב- תשפ"ג, and look forward to greeting another terrific group of students for this upcoming school year.