El Al’s sudden move to no longer offer flights out of Toronto beginning in October has caught the Canadian Jewish community by complete surprise.

El Al will stop direct flights from Toronto to Israel after the end of the High Holy Days on October 27, 2022. The move will mean the end of El Al’s nearly five decade presence in Canada. Flights from Montreal were previously stopped in the early 2000s.

According to the Canadian Jewish News, pre-pandemic, Canada was an important hug for travelling to Israel, with 100,000 Canadians making the trip. The goal was to increase that number by 10 percent in 2023, but El Al leaving the country will have a significant impact on travel numbers, Gal Hana, the Israeli consul of tourism for Canada, told the news outlet.

Hana explained that Canada is a huge market for Israel tourism, with Canadians visiting more frequently, often staying longer, and on average spending more than other tourists.... Read More: Arutz-7