Baltimorean, MD - Jan. 12, 2022 - I could barely get in the door of the entrance to the Bais Yaakov Middle School lobby, so packed was the lobby where the Dolphin Club girls were selling homemade soup and croutons. Sales were fast and furious as the dollars piled up in the bright blue and yellow bowls  managed with confidence and competence by seasoned Dolphin Club money mavens. The soup sale was part of the fundraiser for the club's latest chessed project to help orphans in Eretz Yisroel.

The Dolphin Club, known for the many tzedaka projects that are conceived, planned and implemented by its teenage members, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of Jews across the world through just such humble events as this past Wednesday's soup sale.
In addition to the soup sale the girls have developed a fun way to raise money, by making a community wide carnival February 20th, 2022. They look forward to put smiles on the faces of girls living in Bayit Lepleitot (whose letter you'll read below), by helping to  sponsor a Purim Chagiga, a Purim Seudah and Shalach Manos for them.

"The girls have shown that possibilities can become realities when working together, coupled with compassion for others and a Kapitel of Tehillim said at the beginning of each group. This is a recipe for success", said Dolphin Club Director, Mrs. Leeba Braun.
Time after time through many years of successful projects, the Dolphin Club girls have proven that kids know what kids like and respond to it.

Stay tuned for carnival details and to see how this chessed project unfolds in the coming weeks.