Baltimore, MD - Jan. 2, 2022 - “Ashrei ayin ra’asah eileh. Fortunate are the eyes who saw this.”


With these poignant words, Harav Moshe Heinemann, shlita, Rav of Agudath Israel in Baltimore, penned his feelings after his recent visit to K’hal Chasidim of Baltimore Cheder and School.


Turning emotional at the sights and sounds that greeted the Rav, he took in the charming strains of Yiddish conversation in the air and the curly peyos bobbing in the wind with wonder. These are sights you wouldn’t usually expect to see in a Torahdiga American community.


To see how a young Chasidisha mosad planted itself and blossomed on unfamiliar turf is a heartwarming spectacle, a Kiddush Hashem — and no less, a credit to the exceptional warm and welcoming Baltimore Torah community.

Khal Chasidim of Baltimore  is an “oasis” that spreads a beacon of light to the entire Baltimore with its Torah and Chasidisha warmth.

It all began seven years ago and it flourished into a successful and prosperous community.

It is being led so respectfully under the leadership of Rav Amrom Jungreis, the newly appointed Rosh Hakollel. Words can not describe every aspect of the way this kehila runs. The variety of families complement each other so beautifully and they each interact so well with one another. People flock to the Chasidisha shul because of the varemeh davening and geshmakeh atmosphere. The chasidisha men and women alike both contribute so much in so many ways. Some Yingerleit deliver shiurim in local shuls. Other men learn b’chavrusa with some of the Balai batim in Baltimore, thus spreading the light of Torah throughout the Baltimore community.

There are also talented Chasidisha women who have become beloved teachers amongst the numerous schools of Baltimore. It is so heartwarming to see the mingling of Chasidisha young girls and boys interrelating with one another and learning from each other. The scene of Litvisha and Chasidisha women having stimulating discussions while supervising their kids in the parks is so gratifying. All the Yomim Tovim have added a new flavor with a tad of Chasidishkeit. 

Khal Chasidim of Baltimore recently had a memorable Chumash Seuda.  This Chumash Seuda was unique because it was probably the only one of its kind in the entire state of Maryland! The pictures of each child’s gleaming face reflected of what a significant event it was. This is the new young generation that is being raised with a mix of Chasidus along with such wonderful Litvisha people in such a welcoming, sociable environment. The Chasidisha cheder has reached great heights in Torah, spirituality, and to help each individual  grow emotionally. It thus attracts some Litvisha families  who have decided to send their children to the Mosdos of K’hal Chasidim. 

World reknowned Rabbonim and Rebbes that come to visit Baltimore have all verbally expressed their emotions about their unbelievable positive impressions about the place.

With an enrollment of over 120 children, and classes from pre-school through Kitah Heh, for the boys, and through third grade, for the girls, it’s a thriving chinuch establishment that has added a new dimension to the large growing Baltimore  Torah community.


As one longstanding resident noted, “The chassidishe community raised the bar in Baltimore. It’s setting new standards that we look up to and admire. We’re thrilled to have them living here.”


The moisdos are part and parcel of the Baltimore community infrastructure, with Harav Moshe Heinemann on their Vaad Horabonim L’inyonieChinuch. Quite a few Baltimore families who prefer a Yiddish-speaking Chinuch and a warm Chassidishe approach, have chosen the mosdois of K’hal Chassidim for their children, making it an additional facet of the glowing yeshiva community.


Far from their familiar landscape, K’hal Chasidim gives its talmidim and talmidos  an uncompromised Chinuch that focuses strongly on:

• cultivating a love for Yiddishkeit

• instilling a delight in learning Torah

• nurturing Middos Toivois and Yiras Shomayim

• implementing excellent teaching and Chinuchprinciples


We brought experienced Melamdim and staff from New York and took some of the best of our local mechanchim and mechanchois, to impart the level of traditional teaching the parents want — coupled with the unmatched Chassidishe warmth and passion they themselves grew up with.


Providing the great level of education which demands competitive salaries, and given the small classes, tuition alone can’t cover our expenses.  As our Mosdos flourish, B’’H, so has our need for financial support in order to meet the growing needs.


At the same time, the steady growth of the Chassidishe Kehila has brought a boost of opportunity and potential to Baltimore, both spiritually and materially.


In the spirit of Tu B’Shvat, firmly plant the future of our Mosdos’s sweet children by donating to in our campaign and have a part in creating truly Fruitful Futures that will be a pride to Baltimore — and a pride to the Eibishter.

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