Thousands of Har Nof residents are shocked at a city decision to allow a 22-acre fuel storage depot below the neighborhood to continue operating for another 10 years.

Built in 1969, the depot is a source of noxious odors and may be a danger to people’s health. In 2016, residents went to court to remove a tank used to store noxious smelling heating oil.

“The Pi Glilot company is going from bad to worse,” said MK Yinon Azulai of Shas. “In addition to polluting the air for the elderly, children, and the entire population of Har Nof, they now want to prolong this disaster and poison the neighborhood’s residents for another 10 years. If this had happened in Tel Aviv, people would have taken to the streets.”

The issue was to be discussed in the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs... Read More: MATZAV