Several studies have shown that adopting routines can make you more productive. Routine is a hallmark of efficiency and can also help harness your creativity. Many successfully creative people swear by the routines they formed: author Stephen King famously sits down at the same time every morning, which he believes allows his writing to “kick on.”  Routine is a hallmark of many big thinkers: Geniuses like Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein liked to wear the same thing every day in order to not expend mental energy on wardrobe decisions.

Perhaps that is why Yaakov wanted to finally settle into a routine.  Vayeishev Yaakov b’eretz m’gurei aviv, Yaakov settled in his father’s homeland.  Rashi quotes Chazal: Bikeish Ya’akov leishev b’shalva, Yaakov wanted to live with a quiet routine, he wanted to settle into a peaceful and stable life and lifestyle.  Until now, his whole life has been characterized by tension, conflict, living on the run and often in fear.  No two days have been the same.  All he wants is leishev b’shalva, he wants to retire, settle down, and develop a routine in life.

Yet, for some reason, Hashem saw this desire and goal as detrimental and inappropriate.  In fact, instead of giving Yaakov peace of mind and a stable routine, kafatz alav rogzo shel Yosef, the most tumultuous and stressful episode of Yaakov’s life ensues.  Somehow, craving a peaceful routine was so wrong it was actually served as the catalyst for Hashem mixing things up.  Why?... Read More: