Baltimore, MD - Sept. 15, 2021 - To quote Abba: "the cop who first came said "he's not gonna make it." BH, Hashem has proved that cop wrong! And Abba yes, you did!!

An inspirational evening just 4 months after the horrific accident, Rabbi Shalom Weingot sprung back to his full energy of giving over chizzuk and love with heart.

As a world renowned Chinuch consultant, Rabbi Weingot had mentored hundreds of mechanchim, thousands of talmidim and talmidos, and inspired so many.

4 months ago, this came to a screeching halt when a car ran a traffic light and landed Rabbi Weingot in a series of serious surgeries and procedures and chasdei Hashem - a miraculous recovery.

At Rabbi Weingot's most challenging moments,  unable to move, in pain beyond comprehension - Rabbi Weingot connected with an overwhelming feeling of chizzuk and connection with Hashem through talking to Hashem - one of the forms of tefilah.

Rabbi Weingot became committed to sharing and relaying this sense of chizzuk to give strength to others - and give back to the community. 

The evening encompassed hakaras hatov to the responding Hatzalah members, doctors, nurses, King David Rehabilitation Center and their amazing team, worldwide tehilim groups, and the outpouring of love and support from our wonderful community.

Moving onto pisukim of chizzuk, stories from tzaddikim, and closing off with a beautiful niggun composed by Rabbi Weingot during a sleepless night at the most challenging point. The song/tefilah helped articulate the emotions and sense of chizzuk that came forward and was shared with all.

Chizku, will continue as a monthly event open to all with the mission of bringing strength to all.

Wishing all a Gmar chasimah tova. 

A year of good health and happiness for all.