Jerusalem, Israel - Aug. 4, 2021 - The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (BLMJ) held a gala opening for its new exhibit "BIRDS" on Tuesday evening, August 3, 2021. Jerusalem, Israel museums were forced to close for months with coronavirus restrictions and attendance has been limited. The excitement of guests to be back seeing friends, at an event with live music, wine and food (and speeches) was evident as the weather cooled in the evening. Museum patrons, staff, and media were joined by Ambassadors and Charge d"Affaire, including from Nigeria, Kosovo, Nepal, Russian Federation, and Serbia.

The exhibition had two main divisions, one in the BLMJ temporary gallery - 'Early birds soaring with the Ancients'. The exhibit deals with birds, not only as part of the animal world but as a window to the human psyche. In ancient cultures, birds were associated with different aspects of human experience: power, love, evil, order and chaos, death, and resurrection. The exhibition follows the myths and stories told about birds in different aspects of existence and relates to the human desire to fly high and cross lands and seas like the birds - think soaring eagles and vultures. Sections are the sky, water, land, doves (receive special attention), and other worlds.

On the BLMJ grounds are special constructions designed for children to explore and learn about birds. With the sea on one side and the desert on the other, Jerusalem is host to many species of birds, and 25 are highlighted in a pamphlet published for the exhibit. Early morning and evening are the best time to hear and catch a glimpse of the live birds. Bird models are posted around the perimeter of the BLMJ back garden area.

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