Baltimore, MD - May 16, 2021  - Walk into Seven Mile Market today and you will see myriad cheesecake selections. Those who are doing last minute Yom Tov shopping will be lucky enough to see something in the largest kosher supermarket in the USA that has not been seen in over one year: smiles. 

It has been over one year since the mask mandate took place covering the faces of all shoppers nationwide in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The spectacle of people's reactions within the store when noticing maskless shoppers was notable, inspiring, and humorous. Many shoppers only whipped off their masks after walking in the store and recognizing faces they have not seen in a year.

Comments such as: "Now I'm going to have to start brushing my teeth" , "I came here with a mask and without make-up, so I can't take off my mask yet" , "Now I am going to have to dust off my shaver", "I'm maskless and feel so free" were some of the reactions from patrons. Other nonverbal reactions were such big smiles that lit up the aisles. One shopper, *Miriam, a native Baltimorean who has been living in E"Y told BJL, "The nostalgia is incredible, coming here and seeing everyone maskless feels like such a relief, like we truly turned a corner."  

What an incredible way to go into Yom Tov. As we count up the hours to Shavuos, with Matan Torah in sight, seeing the smiles of those we know and love is truly a euphoria that can not be described.