Baltimore, MD - May 12, 2021:

Dear Baltimore, 
Please join us in solidarity In support of Israel and its defensive efforts against the Hamas terrorists and the 1,000+ rockets that have and continue to be fired into Israel since Monday afternoon.

Show UP, bring or make an ISRAEI flag, bring SIGNS, bring your FRIENDS, bring YOURSELF.

Participants can also  print signs from here in advance.
We will be there with Baltimore Zionist District and StandWithUs.  
NOW is our time to SHOW UP!

Date: Thursday, May 13th at 5:30 PM (EDT)
Location: Stevenson Rd. – 695 Bypass (Sidewalks ONLY)

Parking: Chizuk Amuno Congregation (Avoid back areas where covid testing is being held)

Covid Restrictions: Participants must wear masks at ALL TIMES. Social distancing should be enforced.
#IsraelUnderFire #amisraelchai