Reposted upon very popular request

Baltimore, MD - Mar. 4, 2021 :

Dear BJL,

At the risk of being stereotyped as a crazy old person, I want to comment on a disturbing trend I've observed in our neighborhood. It seems that people are driving very aggressively, far over the speed limit, running red lights, and passing on the right. In the past two days I have been honked at for not going when another car was directly ahead of me, passed on the right, and passed on the left when another car was coming. I have to think it's a trend, but dangerous nonetheless. Most of us have kids and grandkids who are pedestrians and bike riders. And I would prefer not to be in an accident. Is there a solution to this? There is nowhere that is so essential to be that risking harm to yourself and others is worth driving over the limit and recklessly.

Jody Crane