House Democrats on Monday sent to the Senate their single impeachment article against former President Trump, officially putting the former president on trial for his role in the deadly mob attack on the Capitol earlier in the month.

The ceremonial delivery — a somber cross-Capitol march performed by the nine Democratic House members who will prosecute the case — was a legal formality. The House had impeached Trump 12 days ago, and Senate leaders have agreed to postpone the start of the public trial until the week of Feb. 8.

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The timeline itself has been strategic, allowing the newly seated President Biden some breathing room to install several top Cabinet officials and advance the debate over another massive package of coronavirus relief before the Senate becomes consumed by the highly contentious impeachment trial. 

The details of that trial remain opaque. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has revealed neither how long the process will last nor if Democrats will invite witness testimony to boost their case. But Democrats in both chambers have predicted the exercise will be shorter than the 21-day trial in 2020 after Trump was impeached on two charges related to his dealings with Ukraine. Read more at The Hill