President-elect Joe Biden’s appointments appear to signal a “return of the Obama administration’s foreign policy,” which “had disastrous consequences for our nation,” Senate Armed Services Committee member Tom Cotton, R-Ark., warned on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

Cotton, an Army combat veteran, made the comment two days after Biden announced a number of key Cabinet appointments, including Antony Blinken as secretary of state, Alejandro Mayorkas as secretary of homeland security and Avril Haines to serve as the first woman to lead the intelligence community, among other positions.

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Describing his Cabinet appointments during an interview with “NBC Nightly News” on Tuesday, Biden said, “This is not a third Obama term because we face a totally different world than we faced in the Obama-Biden administration.”

“President Trump has changed the landscape,” the former vice president continued, before referencing the president’s foreign policy stance. “It's become ‘America First,’ which meant America alone.”

“We find ourselves in a position where our alliances are being frayed,” Biden went on to say during the interview. “It's a totally different -- that's why I found people who joined the administration and key points that represent the spectrum of the American people as well as the spectrum of the Democratic Party.”

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