A sign of the times? Reuters/Ipsos has conducted a poll asking respondents whether or not they will accept the results of the 2020 US presidential election. That in itself could be news… but no one seems to be batting an eyelid. After all, this is the post-truth generation, the generation of “fake news,” of “lamestream media,” of allegations of Russian and/or Iranian meddling with election results, of conspiracy theories both small and large… and so, no – the fact that such a poll has been conducted at all is not news.

The results, presumably, are. Donald Green, a political scientist at Columbia University, quoted by Reuters, says that the poll’s findings are reassuring and that they have “eased his concerns about post-election findings.”

Should they? Reuters has chosen to stress the fact that “a majority of Americans appear ready to accept the result…” This alone should be incredibly reassuring, we are being told. Apparently, 79% of all Americans will accept a Biden win, and 73% will accept a Trump win, regardless of their political leanings. Read more at Arutz-7