It is with tremendous gratitude to Hashem that I present to you my first single titled “Akeida”.
It was arranged and produced by my dear friend, world renowned singer and performer Eitan Katz.

I wrote this in dedication of my Mother a’h, who represented so much of what the Akeida represented for Klal Yisroel, a parent endlessly sacrificing for her child.

This song is now available on Spotify, Apple Music along with anywhere else music is played!


Produced by Eitan Katz
Written & Performed by Yaakov Wasilewicz

Artwork by Sholom Denebeim, The Mint Leaf Creative – | @themintleafcreative

Video by Eli Schwarzblatt

Music Arranged by Eitan Katz
Mixed & Mastered by Aryeh Kunstler
Drums – Gal Gershovsky
Bass & Electric Guitar – Yoshie Fruchter
Violin – Jeremy Brown
Saxophone – Ofer Assaf