MIAMI BEACH (VINnews) — For perhaps the first time ever, an Orthodox Jew will sit on the Miami commission.

Steven Meiner, along with David Richardson, joined the 7 member board this past Monday at a swearing-in ceremony at the commission meeting.

Richardson and Meiner, who were elected in the Nov. 19 runoff elections, are replacing outgoing Commissioners Joy Malakoff and John Elizabeth Alemán. Malakoff and Alemán are retiring.

The retirement of Malakoff and Alemán now leaves Commissioner Micky Steinberg as the only female commissioner on the board. “All right ladies you’re leaving me with all these boys,” she joked. “That’s OK because they better behave.”

Steven Meiner spent most of his career as a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attorney. He entered the mix in Miami Beach during the November 19th runoff elections, by defeating former Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez in Group IV in what was described as an upset victory. Rosen Gonzalez was forced by state law to resign from the commission to run for U.S. Congress in 2018. Malakoff was appointed to take her place, but ultimately did not seek reelection.

“I’ve always believed in the American dream, and I think I’m living proof of the American dream right now,” Meiner said, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Meiner’s ascent to the final elections was not without drama, as he first edged out a razor close victory over third-place candidate Michael Barrineau, by just two votes. A manual recount was required to determine that outcome.

Retiring Commisioner Joy Malakoff expressed joy over Meiner’s election. She supported him over Rosen Gonzalez, who was at odds with much of the commission.

“I’m so happy that Steve Meiner will be sitting in this Group IV position,” said Malakoff. “I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am.”

Meiner is married to Shanyn and has 2 children Jacob Matisyahu, and Michal.