Baltimore, Md – Nov. 17, 2019 - This past Motzaei Shabbos, more than 100 6th grade Middle School talmidim of YCC/TA and their fathers were treated in the TA Middle School Bais Medrash to an amazing presentation on The Hidden Mission to save the Jews of Ethiopia by Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz. To allow as many talmidim to attend as possible, the evening was scheduled to begin after the completion of all of the Motzaei Shabbos Kal HaNearim programs from around town.

Rabbi Horwitz is well known in the community for his daily shiur in Cong. Shomrei Emunah, his wizardry on the guitar as a member of the Zemer Orchestra strings section and also a master storyteller (not to mention an accomplished writer as well).

Rabbi Yaakov Schwartz, Middle School Menahel, introduced Rabbi Horwitz and the attendees were very fortuante to hear his presentation.

Rabbi Horwitz spoke about the mission, and his message was clear:  Do Chesed for all those Yidden in need.  Even if it is hard and outside your comfort zone.  Rabbi Horwitz challenged the boys to find others who are new to the Yeshiva or to their neighborhood and bring them in, be kind to them and make them feel part of your sphere of friends. 

The crowd was also entertained as Rabbi Horwitz - on guitar - led everyone in niggun all singing with great emotion. 

Dr. Dovi Turner and son, Charlie, commented:  "Rabbi Horowitz kept us at the edge of our seats while telling us about the amazing rescue of the Ethiopian Jews. He peppered the story with great lessons of brotherhood and ahavas yisrael and ended with a very heartfelt singing of “Acheinu Kol Bais Yisroel”. It was an amazing event and we are both looking forward to the next one!!!

The evening ended with all gathered enjoying refreshments of ice cream and brownies.