Baltimore, MD - Oct. 18, 2019 - On Wednesday evening, the first night of Chol Hamo’ed, the Baltimore community enjoyed a concert worth remembering!! The Menucha Sukkos concert has become an event that the community looks forward to every year. This year, expectations did not fall short as the concert once again broke records and rose to new heights!! Featuring renowned music stars Uri Davidi and Yoni Z, as well as Baltimore’s very own Zemer Orchestra led by Nossi Gross, the demand for tickets just couldn’t be met. This year the event was already sold out before Yom Tov.   

The feeling in the auditorium was electric as some of the most popular songs in modern Jewish music as well classic Yom Tov nigunim were sung; it really ushered in a true atmosphere of Simchas hamoed! Scattered throughout the program were short films providing the attendees a glimpse into the crucial role Menucha plays in the community on a day to day basis.  

As always the finale was truly the highlight of the event! Not just because of the beautiful rendition of ”Nafshi”, but because the Menucha children joined the performers on the stage and added a most uplifting element to the already beautiful evening! The Simcha was just palpable at those moments!!          


The feedback from the show has been overwhelmingly positive and Menucha thanks the whole community for participation and making the event the success that it was. Menucha extends a special thank you to all of their sponsors without whom the evening would not have been possible. Rabbi Richter said “We are very encouraged by this year’s increase in local sponsorships!”