This week, the U.S.  Supreme Court is due to rule on a congressional redistricting case involving Maryland.

The decision centers on the 6th Congressional District which includes most of Western Maryland and part of Montgomery County.

A group of seven Republican voters from the district argued that the boundaries of the district were drawn in 2011 to favor Democrats, diluting the influence of  Republican voters and violating their constitutional rights. 

Since 2013, a Democrat has been elected to represent the district.

Currently, freshman Democrat David Trone represents the district.

Last November, the U.S. District Court in Maryland ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, and the state appealed the case to the Supreme Court. 

The court heard arguments in this case in March along with a similar case from North Carolina. 

The case was not among the four opinions the Supreme Court issued today.

The Court is now scheduled to issue additional opinions on Wednesday.