Baltimore, MD – May 17, 2019 - Last night our dynamic City Councilman, Yitzy Schleifer brought the CEO of the Maryland Food Bank, Carmen Del Guercio, and another senior administrative official, Nancy Smith, of Government Relations to visit Ahavas Yisrael operations and warehouse.

They were very impressed, and it was a true kiddush Hashem! The warehouse and operations and all the volunteers made an incredible impression on our 3 special visitors.  

With over 25 volunteers every Thursday night this program is very well managed and does incredible chesed. One active volunteer is Cliff Anderson a banker at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch who volunteers each week together with over 25 weekly volunteers.

A big Yasher Koach to Jeff Coleman and Rabbi Yossie Brecher for their untiring work in running a consistent, well managed and fabulous program.

A yasher koach also goes to our warehouse manager, Ben Goldstein, and all the volunteers for all their hard work.