Director, Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Services (Rabbi)

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

For over a century, Sinai Hospital has been dedicated to providing quality care for all people. Sinai’s Jewish heritage and celebrated history of service underpin its mission to provide superlative healthcare, patient experiences and education to all. Sinai is a level II trauma center with over 500 beds, and the largest community hospital in the state of Maryland.

About the Position


The Director of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Services (Rabbi) is responsible for organizing and maintaining an organizational framework and systems which assure quality Chaplaincy Services across several hospitals within LifeBridge Health.

Essential Functions:

Management: Manages Chaplaincy staff and activities and administers policies. Plans, revises scope and emphasis of, and insures implementation of total program and activities of Chaplaincy department. Monitors work of department personnel to assure maintenance of high standards of professional services to patients. Develops and maintains department's fiscal budget. Assesses system’s Chaplaincy needs and determines staffing patterns related to these needs. Plans, evaluates and interprets reports to reveal department’s services and needs of patients served.

Pastoral: Oversees spiritual counseling for residents, patients family members and workforce (including medical staff & students). Supervises conduct of worship services of all religious denominations. Develops and implements formal and informal religious cultural and educational programs for patients. Implements program of clergy on-call and visitation for all residents/patients and staff. Keeps abreast of current pastoral care information and incorporates current practices into Chaplaincy department. Collaborates with other faith-based & religious organizations.

Customer Service: Demonstrates knowledge, compassion and skill while meeting psychosocial and religious needs of those served. Involves the resident/patient and family in caring for their religious needs appropriate for their age and level of function. Considers each resident's/patient's unique needs, health concerns and values. Works cooperatively with other departments to plan and achieve organizational objectives.

Compliance: Assures compliance with all regulatory & accreditation standards, as well as applicable medical standards. Assures compliance with all by-laws that related to religious matters.

Community Relations: Represents the organization in the community. Maintains and encourages liaison with community clergy and congregational representatives and various youth groups. Interprets institution’s policies and messages accordingly with faith-based groups and individuals. Seeks feedback from community faith-based groups & individuals as needed.


Seasoned professional knowledge; equivalent to a Master's degree; knowledge in more than one discipline
7+ years of relevant experience
Graduate of recognized Rabbinical training seminary
Jewish Chaplain Certification (NAJC), or Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), or Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Cert

Location: Baltimore, MD

For More Information, please contact https://lifebridgehealth.hctsportals.com/jobs/1501253-director-pastoral-care-and-chaplaincy-services