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BDE: Michael (Moshe) Kreisberg, zt"l [Updated as of Feb. 23 1:40PM] Parshas Tetzaveh / Baltimore Zmanim / Eruvs Are Up Mazel Tov to Akiva Rosenfeld & Libby Goldfeder on their engagement! Daily Dvar Halacha - Feb. 23 / 14 Adar I: Purim Katan! Parshas Tetzaveh - Tightening Our Belts Watch Rabbi Shmuel Silber's Virtual Drasha on Titzaveh-Purim Katan - Make a L’chaim! (Video) HaRav Yehoshua Cohn Visits Yeshivas Toras Simcha Imparting Insights into Shas Mastery and Effective Chazara Rabbi Shmuel Silber - Parsha Perspectives: One Small Spark (Titzaveh) Mazel Tov To Meir Rosenberg & Henny Bobker On Their Engagement! Watch the Incredible Suburban Orthodox Building Holiness Update: Behind The Scenes Footage - 2/22/24 Weekly Walkthrough with Rabbi Silber (Video) Watch/Listen: Shoshanas Yaakov Composed By Chaim Schecter's Grandfather (Shloshim Yom Leefnay Hachag) - Baltimoreans Collaborate To Bring Century Old Music To Light (Video) Watch: Rabbi Ori Strum: Excuse Me Sir, Do I Look Like a Carrot? (Video) Mazel Tov to Yaakov & Miriam Ribakow on the birth of a son The Entire Baltimore Community is Invited to Join an Inspirational Shabbos with Rabbi Ari Bensoussan of Chazak from Los Angeles Mess-Free Stress-Free Pesach Kashering Konnection is Back in Baltimore and Now Also in Silver Spring Baltimore's Purim Costume Drive for our Displaced Brothers & Sisters in Eretz Yisrael TONIGHT, Thursday, Feb 22: The Baltimore Community Is Deeply Honored To Welcome The Esteemed Hagaon Harav, R' Yehoshua Cohn Shlit’a. Baltimore's OCA and Jewish Educational Services Host Shloshim Service Remembering Cpt. Eyal Twito, z'l, H'yd (Photos) Cell Phone Outage Hits AT&T Customers Nationwide; Verizon And T-Mobile Users Also Affected Read the Current Issue of Baltimore Jewish Home
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Baltimore, MD - Feb. 22, 2024  -HaRav Cohn's visit is scheduled from February 22nd to 25th, Parshas Tetzaveh. This is a unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by one of the most  renowned Talmidei Chachomim in the world! EVENT SCHEDULE:Thursday 9:00 PM- FEB 22ND : Mercaz Torah U'TefillaThe first event is titled "From Darkness to Light: Our responsibility to our Nation during these Troubling Times". This shiur will delve into our obligations and duties during these trying times.  Scheduled for 9:00 PM on Thursday, February 22nd at Mercaz Torah U'Tefilla in the...
Baltimore, MD – Feb. 19, 2024 - It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Michael (Moshe) Kreisberg, z’l, husband of  Dawn Kreisberg.Shiva will be observed through Sunday at 6341 Red Cedar Place, Baltimore, MD 21209.Friday:Visiting hours: 9:00-2:00 pmMincha: 2:00 pmMotzei Shabbos:Visiting hours: 7:30-11:00 pmSunday:No minyanimVisiting hours: 9:00-1:00, 3:00-6:00, 7:00-9:30Bila Hamaves LaNetzach...  
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Baltimore, MD - Feb. 22, 2024  - Rabbi Ari Bensoussan is a Talmud of Mir Jerusalem and Lakewood BMG and is a Musmach of The Jerusalem Rabbinate and Rav Yitzchock Berkowitz shlita. He has been teaching students from all over the world for over 15 years. He co-founded Yeshivat Ruach Chaim in Jerusalem and was a Senior Lecturer in the Derech program at Yeshiva Ohr Samayach in Jerusalem. Rabbi Ari enjoys a very close relationship with his many students and constantly reflects on his own learning during his years in the Jerusalem Kollel under Rabbi Yitzchok . Recently , Rabbi Bensoussan moved with his wife and 5 children to L.A. where he is heading a new branch of Chazak International, a community outreach initiative. Rabbi Bensoussan’s Shiurim can be found on, the T...
Baltimore, MD – Feb. 23, 2024 -  BJL wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Akiva Rosenfeld & Libby Goldfeder on their engagement. Mazel tov to Ahron & Alisa Rosenfeld and Avi & Shani Goldfeder יה"ר שיזכו לבנות בית נאמן בישראל. אמן!
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Of all the garments discussed this week in the context of the 'glorious and splendorous' vestments the Kohanim were to wear in their service of G-d, there is one that seems to have a parallel in its significance, in our own daily wardrobe — the אבנט — the sash, or more colloquially, our belts. The Avneit was a thirty-two amos long sash of embroidered material that girdled over the midsection of the Kohen above his heart. We are taught that each vestment of the Kohen served to atone for various sins. The Avneit amends for הרהורי עבירה — impure thoughts. Each morning as we dress there are various morning blesses that focus on specific articles of clothing. The blessing we express praising G-d Who, אוזר ישראל בגבורה — girds I...
Baltimore, MD - Feb. 23, 2024 - HaRav Hagaon Yehoshua Cohen, affectionately known as “Shas Cohen” for his mastery of Shas, visited Yeshivas Toras Simcha yesterday afternoon. The Rav enthralled the rebbeim and talmidim with his vast knowledge of Shas. He quoted gemaras from all over Shas, even indicating the exact location within the gemara where the quotation can be found. Additionally, he delighted the students and staff with stories about gedolei Yisroel. Great emphasis was placed on the importance of chazara and the most effective methods for it.
V’Ata Titzaveh es Bnai Yisroel, V’Yikchu Elecha Shemen Zayis Zach Kasis La’Maor L’Haalos Ner Tamid   You shall command the Children of Israel and have them bring you clear olive oil, [made from olives that were] crushed for lighting, to keep the lamp burning constantly (Exodus 27:20-21).”  It has to be pure. Not just any oil can be used for the kindling of the Menorah. As Rashi explains, “it must be pure without dregs or sediment … only from the first oil which emerges from the olive.”  The deeper meaning seems obvious – we must strive for purity in our service of God. If we choose to kindle the fire of spirituality within ourselves, we must find the personalistic oil of purity. We must reach into ourselves a...
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Daily Dvar Halacha - Feb. 23 / 14 Adar I: Purim Katan!

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Baltimore, MD – Feb. 23, 2024 -  BJL wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Meir Rosenberg  & Henny Bobker on their engagement. Mazel tov to Avi and Judy Rosenberg  and Eli and Hadassa Bobker and Grandmother Mrs. Marion Gutman יה"ר שיזכו לבנות בית נאמן בישראל. אמן!
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Baltimore, MD - Feb. 11, 2023 - Composed by Chaim Schecter's grandfather - Luzer Meilich Gold, masterfully arranged by Jonathon Leshnoff and beautifully sung by Chazzan Yoni Rose, this century old Shoshanas Yaakov had until recently only been known to the Gold family. Luzer Meilich Gold was born  in Ropczyce, Poland around 1867. He was a shochet, a mohel and a composer. Only available to the family on various tape recordings, the descendants of Luzer Meilich Gold have decided to commit his music to paper and share it. This is the first of hopefully many of his compositions to be shared.
Nichum AveilimNichum Aveilim Aveilim
Baltimore, MD – Feb. 22, 2024 - BJL wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Yaakov & Miriam Ribakow on the birth of a son. Mazel Tov to grandparents Larry & Esther Ribakow and Rabbi & Mrs Pinchas Jurkowitz  and great grandparents Mrs. Marcia Ribakow, Rabbi Chaim and Anita Preis Benoliel and Rabbi Beryl Weisbord. יה"ר שיזכו לגדל בנם לתורה, לחופה, ולמעשים טובים. אמן!
Baltimore, MD - Are you nervous about Kashering for Pesach; unsure you will get it done properly? Are you afraid the water will ruin your cabinets and create a mess in your kitchen? Are you moving into a new house and need the kitchen kashered; stress-free? Click here: the last six years, The Kashering Konnection, has been servicing the Baltimore and DC communities. Coordinated through Star-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Sholom Tendler, professional Mashgichim are available to come to your home and ensure an easy, mess-free and 100% properly-done Kashering of your kitchen and appliances. From ovens to stoves, counters to sinks, The Kashering Konnection can help you prepare for Pesach in an easy and affordable way.“We have received so many calls at our office over...
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Baltimore, MD – Feb. 22, 2024 - As everyone knows, thousands of families in Eretz Yisrael were displaced from their homes on Simchat Torah with few or none of their belongs. Now, as Purim is just around the corner, they are asking for Purim costumes so that, even though this year is unlike any other, they can still have a fun and exciting Purim. Please help the wonderful people who have been providing families from the North and the South with clothes throughout the past few months to help them out again with costumes. From now through Feb. 25th, please drop off or have store-made (no homemade) costumes shipped to one of the addresses indicated in the graphic below and bring Simchas Purim to these children and families. Please do not drop off any very used, dirty, or torn costumes....
Baltimore, MD - Feb. 22, 2024  - OCA and Jewish Educational Services hosted a Shloshim program in memory of Cpt. Eyal Twito, HY"D, a platoon commander in the Paratroopers Brigade's 202nd Battalion, from Beit Gamliel. Eyal came to Baltimore as a Shinshin for the 2019-2020 school year, and built long lasting connections and friendships with OCA students, families, and members of the Baltimore Jewish community. Over 100 people attended last night's program. Eyal's host families, Dr. Julie Blumenfeld and Mrs. Chana Margalit both spoke about him, and a special video featuring Eyal's parents and time at OCA and in Baltimore was presented.  The OCA community also came together to learn in Eyal's memory and made a Siyum at the Shloshim event. At the end of the pr...
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Tens of thousands of AT&T customers have been reporting outages this morning for their home phone, internet and mobile phone services, according to Downdetector. The outages started popping up just before 3:30 a.m. ET, according to a graph shown on the website that tracks outages.  Most users, 55%, say they are having issues with mobile phone service. More than a third of customers reporting being affected say they have no signal at all, and 8% of users say their mobile internet is down. "Should get a stimulus check for this," one man wrote on the website. "I lost my cell service at 5:56 a.m. est! I was in the middle of working when I lost it," another commented. AT&T did not immediately respond to a Fox Business inquiry regarding the outage, but the more...
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