Case Manager


imadi provides comprehensive support to families living with a complex pediatric health diagnosis. Currently in our second year of operations, we are now engaging more than 100 families in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. To learn more about us, please visit our website at www.imadi.org.

About the Position

CASE MANAGER (aka the “Care Manager”)
Compensation: $55,000 - $70,000 annually; commensurate with experience
Benefits: Health Insurance, Investment in Professional Development

The Case Manager at imadi is responsible for providing imadi’s extensive support services to nearly 100 families living in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and in various communities in the Greater Washington area. The successful Case Manager begins assessing treatment needs upon intake; developing, facilitating, and evaluating the organization’s support plans and progress; coordinating interdisciplinary services; and monitoring or improving the organization’s performance as it pertains to our client services. The Case Manager will be supervised by the Executive Director.

Required Experience:
● Master’s level mental health professional (LGSW, LCSW, LCSW-C, LGPC, LCPC) with post-graduate experience.
● Must be available to respond to urgent client matters after hours and must have flexibility to work selected evenings and Sundays, as needed.

Skills and Qualities
● Enthusiastic about cultivating an engaged high school student volunteer base.
● Empathetic and sensitive to the needs and nature of imadi’s clients
● Excited to help create a sustainable organizational support model for our clients
● Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
● Excellent communication skills
● Detail-oriented, takes pride in their work

Representing the organization to our clients.
● Onboard new clients and develop comprehensive support plans to address their

unique psychosocial, emotional, medical, and financial needs.
● Oversee the coordination of services being provided; arrange resources,
including but not limited to transportation, respite, meals, and ancillary services.
● Provide weekly home and/or hospital visits for imadi clients in Baltimore and in
the Greater Washington communities.
● Foster and maintain relationships with clients by engaging in ongoing interactions
with each family. (“Client Stewardship”) Representing our clients to the organization.
● Maintain accurate documentation of all client interactions in the organization’s CRM.
● Create and implement a quantifiable system for tracking and measuring the success of imadi’s support services being provided to each family.
● Provide a weekly report to the professional team on imadi’s active caseload
● Participate fully in a weekly meeting with the professional staff, and a weekly
supervisory session with the Executive Director.
Representing the organization to the community.
● Participate fully in imadi’s major client events (Chanukah and Purim) and fundraisers.
● Providing crisis support and intervening in community or an individual client crisis.
● Nurturing positive and strong relationships with key stakeholders and schools.
Developing imadi’s reach and impact.
● Foster collaborative relationships with local organizations in the community to ensure that imadi’s unique capabilities and impact are understood and utilized.
● Provide ongoing referrals to imadi’s professional and nonprofit partners.
● Cultivate and maintain an active list of local and national organizations that can
serve as resources to meet specific needs of families.
● Foster relationships with hospitals, pediatric practices, and miscellaneous
medical professionals.
● Supporting clients by advocating for needed services and entitlements.

Location: Baltimore/ Silver Spring, MD
Salary: $55,000-$70,000

For More Information, please contact Tzvi Haber thaber@imadi.org