Many Offers Listed here from Large Israeli Financial Technology Company in their Hunt Valley, MD North American Headquarters


Nayax on over 500K unattended machines in 60+ countries and banks with 45 financial institutions worldwide, is the Engineering leader of cashless technology for the end to end retail technology platform for unattended & attended commerce. The mission is to simplify commerce and payments for retailers while driving growth, optimizing operations, and enhancing consumer engagement. Our platform empowers retailers to provide consumers with digital, cashless, connected commerce experiences, enhancing consumer conversion and loyalty.

About the Position

Major hiring opportunities to work for a large Israeli Financial Technology company in their Hunt Valley North American Headquarters. If interested or know anyone interested in any of the positions, please send Harry Kozlovsky your resume to harry@nayax.com. Please share to whoever may be interested.

Customer Success Manager – https://www.nayax.com/position/customer-success-manager-us/

Set-Up Support Specialist - https://www.nayax.com/position/set-up-support-specialist/

Technical Account Manager (AM) - https://www.nayax.com/position/technical-account-manager-am/

Technical Support Agent - https://www.nayax.com/position/technical-support-agent/
Onboarding/Compliance Specialist - https://www.nayax.com/.../onboarding-compliance-specialist/

Location: Baltimore, MD

For More Information, please contact Harry Kozlovsky at 410-302-9015 or https://www.nayax.com