Music by Yehuda Mond

Music by Yehuda Mond

6609 Pimlico Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

Phone: (410)402-4592
Email: yehudamond@gmail.com
URL: http://www.OneMondBand.com

About Music by Yehuda Mond

Join the hundreds of thrilled ba'alei simcha! My 15 years of experience as a musician and one-Mond-band, plus my extensive repertoire and knowledge of Jewish music, is sure to please the taste of all clients and all-age members of their invited company. I specialize in bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, sheva brachos, and engagement parties. My price includes a sound system, all the newest equipment, vocals, leibedik music to satisfy both the seasoned and younger generations. I can accommodate any style and palate of music to adjust to your personal taste. I have a wide knowledge of music of different Jewish backgrounds, including Yeshivish, Sefardi, Chassidish, Chabad, Traditional, and even Klezmer. Upon request I can play solo piano, both classical and Jewish. See website, including testimonials, for more info.