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About Northwest Baltimore Chen Tai Chi Chuan

My name is Josh Cane and I have been practicing martial arts for over 40 years. I have a third degree black belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-Jitsu; a third level Sifu grade in Shaolin 5 animal 8 methods gung fu, and have been practicing Chen Tai Chi Chuan since 1993.  Chen Style Taijiquan is noted for its fluid, coiling movements, punctuated with quick bursts of energy. This is the original style of Taijiquan, from which all the other styles ultimately derive. I am very interested in the medical rehab aspects of how tai chi can help people and want to segue into this field. Keep in mind, that this is starting to become more widespread; Kernan Hospital offers this as a program.  In addition, I have two herniated disks and was 220 lbs, with my tai chi practice, I was able to greatly improve my back, and not have an operation, as well as lose 60 lbs.  I know I can help a lot of people that are in pain.  Rehab for many medical conditions with Chen Tai Chi (pikesville, owings mills, reisterstown surrounding ) Benefits of Tai Chi Practice: With Tai Chi you get the strength benefits of weight lifting, the flexibility improvement of yoga, the core strength improvement of Pilates, and best of all it is a low impact form of exercise for people of all ages or fitness level. If you suffer from arthritis: The slow, smooth movements help improve flexibility and range of motion, and improves the strength of muscles surrounding the joints. Studies have shown that it can help alleviate joint pain in older patients with osteoarthritis. Improve your balance : Tai Chi practice improves balance and strengthens the muscles of the legs. Studies have shown remarkable decreases in falls experienced by the elderly who practice Tai Chi. Increase your bone density: Tai Chi is a weight bearing exercise and studies have shown that it increase bone mineral density. Gently increase cardie-respiratory function - While you may not think of Tai Chi as an aerobic activity, studies have shown that it does have aerobic benefits and produces benefits in oxygen uptake and endurance. If you suffer from diabetes, regular practice of Tai Chi can help reduce your blood sugar levels. Improve your digestion: Tai Chi provide a kind of internal massage for many organs. This internal massage may be part of the reason for the positive effect Tai Chi has on the immune system. Lower your High Blood pressure - Studies have shown that Tai Chi is similar to moderate intensity aerobic exercise in lowering blood pressure. Alleviate stress - The mental focus required by Tai Chi, the regular, deep breathing, and the slow, flowing movements make it one of the best stress reliever available. Self-Defense: When taught properly, Tai Chi is a martial art whose goal is self defense. Every movement has applications for defense. Even beginners can learn principles and techniques that they can use to defend themselves immediately. private and semi private instruction in one hour modules private: $50.00 hour semi private: ( up to 4 ) $30.00 hour home: 410-585-0278 cell: 443-824-6360 email: joshcane@yahoo.com