130 slade avenue
Pikesville, MD 21208

Phone: (443)646-3362
Email: Pikesvillepc@gmail.com

About PikesvillePC

Pikesville PC is a high quality, customer oriented, personal consulting, repair and maintenance service, located in Pikesville Maryland. As technology becomes ever more pervasive in our lives, we can become overwhelmed with tasks that seem basic, yet elude us. We know what we want to attain, yet do not know which path is the correct one. Allow us to be your guide in this new world of interconnected data. We can be your repair shop, or, we can be the researchers that plan and network your digital life, leading your towards an understandable grasp of the data flowing through your life on a daily basis. At Pikesville PC, each system is unique, custom tailored for the individual. Starting with the basic computer hardware, and continuing all the way through to the operating system, and third party software. Our focus is to guide you toward effective solutions for your technological goals.