BillingMD, Inc.

BillingMD, Inc.

6820 Navajo Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209

Phone: 410-484-8850

About BillingMD, Inc.

BillingMD is a qualified medical billing company with over 7 years of experience that provides expert service to our clients. BillingMD was established to help medical offices improve cash flow and relieve any difficulties that are associated with the billing process. Our skilled medical billing specialists are experienced and knowledgeable of all the current medical billing procedures. BillingMD will help you increase your revenue without having you work harder. Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that all of your billing needs are being met with top quality service. Our company will help you increase your productivity, and help save you time and money by lowering your monthly overhead and increasing your cash flow. Our computerized billing and electronic claims submission process helps us bill faster and more accurately. Our specialists are solely focused on and dedicated to maximizing your billing reimbursement and getting claims paid on your behalf. Our services not only make good business sense, but they also provide you with peace of mind and substantial reduction in the day to day aggravations relating to billing, insurances, follow ups, and patient calls. Our medical billing specialists are here for you with any questions about the billing process.