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Worrying about a possible religious erosion once he is retired, Moshe exhorts the Jewish people toward the trait of yirat shamayim. He presents this trait as foundational but also as a portal- excellence at yirat shamayim serves as a gateway to general religious success. This trait should ideally enable moral development, mitzvah obedience, as well as profound love of G-d.  Moshe also casts yirat shamayim as ‘effortless’ prompting Chazal to wonder “atu yirata milta zutrata ninhu”- is yirat shamayim as trivial as Moshe suggests? The gemara ultimately acknowledges t...
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6TH ANNUAL BIKER CHOLIM MEN’S BIKE-THON AN OVERWHELMING SUCCESS! By Mordechai Gottlieb & Rochelle Goldberg Tire pressure accurate? Check! Seat Adjusted? Check! Helmets on? Check! The excitement in the air was palpable this past Sunday morning, as the over 200 cyclists rode off on the glorious scenic routes of Maryland at 50, 25, and 10-mile challenges.  Together with our 3-7-year-old junior cyclists in-training, raising over 154,000 dollars to help support Bikur Cholim of Baltimore and its Mission of Kindness. For the sixth year in a row, Biker Cholim 2019, Bikur Cholim of Baltimore/LifeBridge Health Men’s Bike-a-thon and King David Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Family Fun and BBQ event was an overwhelming success, with more cyclists, more fun, more ...
An IDF force operating on the Golan Heights fired at an aircraft which was suspected of infiltrating Israeli airspace from Syria. It soon became clear that the craft was an Israeli crop-dusting aircraft, at which point the shooting ceased. The IDF said in a statement that “as part of an aircraft penetration protection procedure, the force in the area is expected to detect and monitor suspicious craft. This is is a serious incident which is under investigation and its lessons will be learned.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.
Israel and South Korea have concluded three years of negotiations on a free trade agreement, officials announced on Wednesday, paving the way for a major boost in bilateral trade. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the agreement—the first with an Asian country—calling South Korea a “global leader.” “Israel is a vibrant, advanced economy, and I think our partnership will do tremendous good for both our economies. I’m sure it will multiply our trade, which already stands at $2.5 billion. It will grow a lot,” he said during a meeting with South Korean Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee. Yoo Myung-hee agreed, saying that the agreement is a “significant and historic” one. “South Korea and Israel, we have a lot of similarit...
Washington - The federal budget deficit is expected to balloon to more than $1 trillion in the next fiscal year under the first projections taking into account the big budget deal that President Donald Trump and Congress reached this summer, the Congressional Budget Office reported Wednesday. The return of $1 trillion annual deficits comes despite Trump’s vow when running for office that he would not just balance the budget but pay down the entire national debt. “The nation’s fiscal outlook is challenging,” said Phillip Swagel, director of the nonpartisan CBO. “Federal debt, which is already high by historical standards, is on an unsustainable course.” The office upped this year’s deficit projection by $63 billion and the cumulative deficit proj...
Washington - Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who made fighting climate change the central theme of his presidential campaign, announced Wednesday night that he is ending his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination. Inslee said that he was confident that Democrats would select a nominee who would champion climate change issues but that it had become clear that he wouldn’t be the person selected. Inslee said he was not endorsing anyone but would support whoever is the nominee. “I believe we’re going to have a candidate to fight this battle,” he said on MSNBC. “I’m inspired by the people I’ve met across the country. I’m not going to carry the ball but we’re going to make sure somebody is.” Two people close to Inslee told Th...
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South Pasadena, CA - Bernie Sanders has promised to win the California presidential primary in March, but home-state Sen. Kamala Harris is defending her turf — putting the two on a collision course in a state both see as a critical steppingstone to the White House. Sanders’ campaign advisers rank California among what they call the crucial “first five” contests. By making a strong showing in those states — Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and California — they believe Sanders can establish himself as the dominant candidate in the crowded Democratic field by early March. He plans to roll out a major plank of his campaign — a proposal to combat climate change — in Northern California on Thursday. Harris, meanwhile, has locked...
We regret to inform you of the petira of Mr. Gershon Frankel, z"l, husband of Mrs. Rachel Frankel , father of Mrs. Rebecca Lencz and of Rabbi Mordechai Frankel. The levaya will be at 4:30  Thursday at Levinson’s, with internment at the Agudah cemetery in Rosedale. Shiva details to follow.Hamakom Yenachem Eschem B’soch Shaar Avelei Tzion Veyerushalayim
Baltimore, MD, Aug. 21, 2019 — The Coalition for Jewish Values, representing over 1000 traditional rabbis in matters of public policy, today expressed thanks to President Trump for his expression of concern for Jewish interests, and both rejected and deplored comparisons of the President's remarks to Antisemitic tropes. The President made his comments in the face of an ongoing anti-Semitic campaign against Jews and Israel from a pair of left-wing lawmakers -- and the failure of others within the Democratic Party to call them out."While the President should not try to tell Jews which Jews are 'disloyal,'" said Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Managing Director of the CJV, "his concern is reasonable and not remotely anti-Semitic. The President appreciates that Jews naturally have Je...
A suspected terrorist attack was thwarted near the West Bank settlement of Ariel on Wednesday. According to Israel Security Forces, a female suspect carrying a knife aroused the suspicions of border patrol units stationed in the Ephraim regional council. The female suspect was taken into custody and is being questioned in a nearby facility. Read more at i24NEWS.
Parsha Hashavua
Ekev: A World Without Awe

Worrying about a possible religious erosion once he is retired, Moshe exhorts the Jewish people toward the trait of yirat shamayim. He presents this trait as foundational but also as a portal- excellence at yirat shamayim serves as a gateway to general religious success. This trait should ideally enable moral development, mitzvah obedience, as well as profound love of G-d. 

Moshe also casts yirat shamayim as ‘effortless’ prompting Chazal to wonder “atu yirata milta zutrata ninhu”- is yirat shamayim as trivial as Moshe suggests? The gemara ultimately acknowledges that for someone of Moshe’s caliber yirat shamayim is indeed straightforward. For most of us the process is a bit more complicated and a bit more “knotty” than Moshe portrays. 

In many respects, fostering yirat shamayim has become even more challenging in the modern era. For those living in Israel and sensing the budding partnership with G-d in historical restoration– the challenge of yirat shamayim is steep. Yirat shamayim is based upon a clear hierarchy between G-d and man. For many in Israel, the palpable sense of historical partnership dismantles that hierarchy thereby thwarting the development of yirat shamayim. 

However, even for those who aren’t giddied by this renewed partnership, yirat shamayim remains a significant challenge. Ideally, yirat shamayim doesn’t prompt fear and trembling but rather awe and submission. We stand in awe of our Creator acknowledging that we cannot comprehend His essence not can we fully decipher His will. This acknowledgement should yield awe which in turn should facilitate submission. 


However, we are all citizens of a modern world which has become ‘un-awed’. Science has seemingly lifted the veil of mystery from our vast planet; it has also allowed us to chart the inner recesses of human identity and to map the pathways of human cognition. Additionally, over the past century, humanity has waged two brutal wars against malevolent forces threatening human freedom. Modern Man views himself as brave and courageous not sniveling and cowering. We don’t view our world as mysterious, and we certainly don’t feel enfeebled by the great abyss. The trait of ‘awe’ is in short supply and yirat shamayim is sometimes in retreat. Restoring ‘awe’ to our world is the first step toward constructing authentic yirat shamayim in the Modern City.


“Outside-In” Prayers

The parsha also recounts Moshe’s furious prayers on behalf of a fallen nation. He stands literally and figuratively “alone’ on a quiet mountain praying fervently to stave off the threatened annihilation of his beloved people. We typically associate prayer with ‘quiet’ moments of concentration or profound moments of emotional awakening. We desperately attempt to “block out” external commotions or to battle through distracting thoughts. We pursue an inner stillness or tranquility; we attempt to attune our inner thoughts to this great Divine rendezvous. 

Twice this past week, I experienced a very different form of tefilla. As I don’t pray in the Beit Midrash during the three weeks of bein hazemanim, my prayer backdrops greatly diversify. I happen to be typing these words thousands of miles above a vast ocean in route to Budapest. I look forward to profound tefillos in the districts inhabited by so many of our ancestors. 

Last week I attended a Nefesh B’nefesh event greeting hundreds of recent Olim/arrivals. The atmosphere was electric: elation, tears, families greeting arriving members, soldiers, politicians, blaring bands, flag- waving babies. As we arrived late, we assembled a minyan in the huge tent housing this carnival. It was impossible to hear our own words, let alone sink into an inner peaceful state of serenity. 

Yet despite the ‘distractions’ it was possibly one my most memorable and heartfelt prayers. How could I not tear while reciting verses promising our return to our land while I was literally living the script I was reciting? Recalling these ancient Divine promises while witnessing their fulfillment made me tremble with emotion. 

This Shacharit reminded me that, often, the emotions of our prayers draw their vitality and their vigor primarily from our surroundings and not despite those surrounding or in defiance of those surroundings. Sometimes our kavana is “inside out”- stemming from a deep quiet and personal place; other times they are “outside-in”- drawing their energy from our backdrops and only subsequently percolating into our deepest consciousness. Perhaps we should be more sensitive to this second, less common form of prayer. Perhaps we should more often allow ourselves to become “lost” in the broader setting and allow that setting to animate our emotions and our spirit. 

Later that evening my family and I attended the Klezmer festival in Tzefat. This is a yearly musical festival celebrating classic Jewish music – particularly some of the soulful music associated with the mystical city of Zefat.  It drew a broad-spectrummed audience from almost every sector of Israel and offered a diverse assortment of Jewish-inspired music. Reciting Ma’ariv alongside the strains of this music provided an additional opportunity to become “lost” in my surroundings. How many Jews prayed on these magical hilltops to what often seemed like a distant G-d. How many tender songs were composed by loyal Jews urging G-d to redeem His scattered nation?  How fortunate was I to be residing in Zefat under Jewish rule for the first time since our Sages fled to the North of Israel to escape Roman persecution 2000 years ago? What price would those very Sages pay to walk a mile in modern day Zefat or to attend the Klezmer festival?

Our prayers are a compass to our soul, and this week my soul surged. This week my spirit wasn’t generated internally but was powered by the events I attended and was fueled by my people and their history. 

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From Avenue J to Kings Highway, unusually low train overpasses coupled with inadequate warning signals, have become a common trap for trucks. The resulting chaos has long irritated area residents forced to cope with the resulting gridlock and debris. “These trucks are ripped open like sardine cans by the time they realize they are stuck,” explained Senator Felder, “and as a result, residents and commuters in all the surrounding areas suffer enormous traffic delays and congestion. This aggravation is a regular occurrence and it’s about time the City did something about it.” On Wednesday, August 14th, Senator Felder convened a meeting between NYC Department of Transportation and local elected officials. Brooklyn Bureau Commissioner, Keith Bray and Assemblyman E...
Monticello - Three children were struck by a vehicle on East Broadway in Monticello, Wednesday afternoon, one of them with serious injuries. Catskills Hatzolah requested a chopper to fly the badly injured child to a trauma center. The other two children were in stable condition, and were being transported by ground to another hospital. The cause of the incident is under investigation.
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An Illinois teenager is suing e-cigarette maker Juul and tobacco giant Philip Morris claiming the companies use illegal and deceptive marketing to prey on young people. The lawsuit was brought by Christian Foss, a 19 year old who states in the complaint he started “juuling” at the age of 16, and argues that Juul and Philip Morris are “mimicking Big Tobacco’s past marketing practices” to “market and advertise JUUL to youth and teenagers” so that they will become addicted to the nicotine in the product at an early age. E-cigarette use among U.S. middle and high school students jumped 900% from 2011 to 2015, according to an advisory from the surgeon general. Read more at ABC News.
The mother of a US citizen murdered in a Palestinian terrorist attack slammed Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib on Tuesday for her comments on Israeli security checkpoints, saying, “checkpoints prevent terrorism — save lives.” Frimet Roth, whose 15-year-old daughter Malki was killed in a Yerushalayim terror attack in 2001, cited Tlaib’s statement on checkpoints at a press conference following Israel’s decision to bar her from entering the country. A teary-eyed Tlaib recounted, “As a young girl, visiting Palestine to see my grandparents and extended family, I watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing checkpoints — even though she was a United States citizen and proud American.” Roth tweeted in response, “Rep Tl...
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President Trump called on other countries to take up the fight against ISIS on Wednesday, the day after his secretary of State acknowledged the terrorist group is regaining strength in certain areas. The president’s latest remarks come one day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there are places where ISIS is becoming powerful, despite Trump having repeatedly referred to the terrorist organization as “defeated.” Trump singled out Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey as countries that should do more to combat the Islamic State. “The United States is 7,000 miles away,” Trump told reporters outside the White House. Read more at The Hill.
Israel is readying plans for a “forceful military strike against Hamas,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday. Speaking with reporters while visiting Ukraine, he was asked whether his government could properly deal with the threat posed by the Hamas terrorist organization ruling the Gaza Strip, just days after another escalation. “I am preparing a massive campaign; it will be different than anything we have seen before,” Netanyahu said. “I cannot elaborate on the preparations but we are properly positioned for such a scenario.” Netanyahu dismissed the claims made by Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz that Israeli deterrence had been weakened. “That is just nonsense,” said the prime minister, “and in fact, Hamas has ...
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Park Heights is closed before Strathmore coming from Fords Lane. There is a police line which includes the sidewalk. There are several trucks working there. Apparently a transformer exploded this morning. (There is no "road closed ahead" sign near Fords.)Please plan your drive and minyanim accordingly.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday that he would look into an alleged corruption saga that has reportedly been holding up the construction of a shul in the city of Uman for more than a decade. Zelensky’s remarks came during a meeting with Duvi Honig, founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, shortly before the president held his first-ever meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials. The saga began more than 10 years ago, when Israeli businessman Yisrael Elhadad acquired a large parcel of land in Uman, near the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the founder of the Breslov Chassidic movement. He planned to build a massive Jewish center on the site, with a large shul and a mikvah. The need was great, he ...
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Sen. Bernie Sanders, who’s running for the Democratic nomination for president, responded to President Trump’s Tuesday remarks that Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats are showing a “lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” “I am a proud Jewish person, and I have no concerns about voting Democratic,” Sanders said to a cheering crowd Tuesday night at a Sioux City, Iowa, rally. “And in fact, I intend to vote for a Jewish man to become the next president of the United States,” he added. Sanders’s comments come just hours after Trump told reporters, “I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” Read more at The Hill.
Brooklyn - Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez today announced that an 18-year-old Queens man has been indicted for reckless manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, assault and other charges for killing a cyclist at a Midwood intersection when he allegedly sped through a steady red light and collided with an SUV, causing it to strike the victim who was waiting for the light to change. District Attorney Gonzalez said, “This tragic case illustrates the dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians when drivers choose to recklessly ignore the rules of the road. I urge all motorists to obey the speed limit, follow all traffic laws and yield the right of way to those who share our streets. If they don’t, they might take a life in an instant – and face serious ...
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