Baltimore, MD - Feb. 16, 2016:

Dear Community Members,

Between 2/12/16 and 2/14/16, there were three attempted thefts of motor vehicles and one theft of a motor vehicle in the Pikesville Precinct.  The first two attempted thefts occurred in the 6900 block of Milbrook Park Dr.  On 2/12/16, a vehicle was stolen from the 6900 block of Brookmill Rd.  At the time of theft, the vehicle was unoccupied and running.  The third attempted theft of motor vehicle occurred in the 6600 block of Eberle Dr.  Please exercise good judgement when leaving vehicles unattended and running to warmup.

Between 2/14/16 and 2/15/16, there were five thefts from motor vehicles in the Pikesville Precinct.  The first three occurred in the 6600 block of Marott Dr.  The fourth and fifth thefts from motor vehicles occurred in the 6500 block of Fairmont Ave.

Please be vigilant of suspicious subjects or vehicles roaming through the neighborhood.   If you notice any suspicious activity, safely get a good description of the subjects or vehicles and contact 911.  We do offer Free Home Security Surveys where a uniformed officer will respond to your home and give you ideas and suggestions on ways to make your home and property more secure. Officers from the Pikesville Precinct are actively patrolling your neighborhood. If you have any questions or would like to have a Security Survey, please contact the Pikesville Community Outreach Team for assistance at 410-887-6775.