As we enter the first week of summer, temperatures will reach the low 90s with high dew points this week, which means the high humidity that Maryland is known for. Sinai emergency room doctor Lisa Kirkland is urging residents to take special measures in the upcoming heat. 

Kirkland told WBAL-TV 11 that the first week of intense heat could lead to a full ER as people aren't prepared for such temperatures.

"Most people don't think about it; they just go out. They don't wear the appropriate clothing, they don't consider that they're getting overheated and take breaks or go into cooler areas," Kirkland told WBAL-TV 11.  

People who work outside are most at risk, Kirkland says. 

Kirkland urged residents to take special measures as we reach higher temperatures with an even higher heat index. 

"I think the biggest thing is to take breaks, get into the shed." Kirkland pressed. "If you can do most of your work [in the] mornings or later in the afternoon after the heat of the day has passed."