November 14, 2016


  • STAR-K announced today that it has updated its recommended drink list for Starbucks to include a number of Frappuccino drinks. These drinks are recommended in the USA and Canada only. They are processed on cold equipment.

The following  Frappuccino drinks have been added to the approved list.

  • Coffee or Espresso Frappuccino - The only dairy-cholov stam ingredient in this product  is the added milk. Other ingredients are made on dairy-cholov stam equipment.
  • Caramel Frappuccino -Contains dairy-cholov stam ingredients
  • Mocha Frappuccino - Contains dairy-cholov stam ingredients
  • In New York and New Jersey there are some stores that are offering the option of requesting cholov Yisroel milk and cream. Please note that this program is not audited or certified by Star-K. Consumers who request cholov Yisroel milk in these stores should use their discretion in confirming the cholov Yisroel status of the milk being served.