The board of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, a brand owned by Unilever, said that the pro-Palestinian protests at the college campuses and graduation ceremonies across the United States are "essential" to democracy.

Earlier in January, the company called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza amid the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) ground operation in the Strip.

“Lunch counter sit-ins, student-led protests against the Vietnam War and Apartheid South Africa, and now the campus protests in solidarity with Gaza, all are part of our rich history of free speech and non-violent protest that makes change and is essential to a strong democracy,” stated the independent board.

Back in 2021, Ben & Jerry's announced it would stop selling its ice cream in the West Bank and east Jerusalem saying the Israeli occupation was "inconsistent" with its values. The step led Unilever to seek "new arrangements" for selling the product in Israel.... Read More: i24