Commander of the 932nd Battalion Lt. Col. Dotan told his troops at the end of a raid by the 162nd Division on the outskirts of the Nusirat Refugee Camp, that in the future they would enter Rafah.

He opened his address to his men: "Let's look at the past half year and think what have we learned? What did we learn from October 7th? What did we learn about ourselves? What did we learn about the battalion? What did you learn about yourselves and about your peers?"

The commander summed up the operations of the past half year and said: "We learned most of all to love each other, to fight beside each other, to be tolerant to each other, to work together, and to do it with the power that you have now."

Lt. Col. Dotan concluded: "Let's conclude that the people of Israel trust you to do your best. As you did in Nusirat, Zeitoun, Daraj Tufah, and Shifa, you'll do it in Rafah as well and we're going to Rafah and we'll give it to them, got it?"... Read More: Arutz-7