Orange juice has been getting more expensive, and now forecasters say frost could hurt groves in Florida, the nation’s biggest supplier.

Most of the state’s growing areas are under a frost watch, and temperatures could descend this weekend below 30 degrees Fahrenheit by Sunday morning, according to Drew Lerner, the president of World Weather. Cold winds could hurt developing fruit and further reduce yields, tightening supplies at a time of surging costs.

Futures are trading at the highest since 2018 in New York and have climbed 35% in the past year driven by shrinking supplies.

The Sunshine state was already on track to harvest the smallest crop since the 1940s due to decades-long damage from citrus greening disease, which shrivels fruit and kills trees. This has raised maintenance costs for farmers and discouraged investments. Meanwhile urban development and hurricane damage are also contributing to the decline.... Read More: Bloomberg