Dr Yaffa Shir Raz: 'World Has Turned Upside Down, Even Bodies Supposed To Protect Children Are Confused'

Health Communication Lecturer at IDC Herzliya International School Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz today responded to a letter by the Israel National Council for the Child in which the Council declines to take a position on an earlier query by Shir Raz regarding face masks for children.

In the query, Shir Raz requested Council intervention in an incident where armed police stormed a kindergarten, to which the Council agreed that the incident demanded intervention. The Israel National Council for the Child noted that it maintains "constant contact with the senior professional authorities" and "makes its voice heard sharply and clearly" regarding law enforcement vis a vis children "in general, and in the days of COVID-19 in particular." The letter goes on to list the Council's activities to achieve "essential worker" status for Social Workers during the first lockdown.

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However, the Council says the issue of face masks is "controversial", decisions regarding which are based on "medical considerations, and the Council does not have the professional tools to make such a determination. We absolutely disapprove of the fact that you chose to call the obligation to wear face masks 'abuse'."

Dr. Shir Raz responded: "I think the world has turned upside down and that even the bodies that are supposed to protect children are confused. Completely confused."

"The National Council for the Child has no intention of interfering with the imposition of masks on young children, claiming that 'they do not have the professional tools to examine the issue.' Read more at Arutz-7