The Ministry of Religion caused an uproar after it announced that it would distribute candy bags to children in synagogues on Simchat Torah in order to "bring the children of Israel closer and connect them to tradition."

Haaretz TV critic Rogel Alpher wrote that it was a bribe to children.

"The Israeli government has launched a new initiative in honor of Simchat Torah. It bribes children to come to the synagogue. The bribe is a bag of sweets. The Ministry of Religious Services will distribute candy bags to 250,000 children at celebrations in synagogues on Simchat Torah, which cost 650,000 shekels."

Akiva Novick criticized the initiative: "These are exactly the things that cause the common man to dislike the conduct of the haredi parties. Do you want to hand out candy? Go to the grocery store and buy candy. No one is preventing you from doing so. Treating the state treasury as a candy store looks very bad, certainly in a time like this, and the constant argument that it is for culture does not make it any less repugnant."... Read More: Arutz-7