Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Israel Kellerman, who lives in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood where Friday night’s murderous terrorist attack took place, says that the main task after the attack is to help residents who need help from a mental standpoint.

"What needs to be dealt with now is the assistance to those who were injured. This is an attack that took place under the homes of families with many children - many of them were standing at their windows or passing by on the street and saw this horror happening right in front of their eyes," Kellerman told Israel National News on Saturday night.

"There are many who are feeling anxiety and everything should be done to help them and bring them back to normal after what they saw and heard," he added.

"The feelings the day after [the attack] are very difficult. When a threat enters the neighborhood in which you live and goes on a rampage near a synagogue on the eve of Shabbat, nothing remains the same. It's simply shocking," he concluded.... Read More: Arutz-7