In the wake of the warming ties between Israel and Morocco, who recently signed a joint peace agreement during the final months of the Trump administration, a new clip shows Moroccan Muslim pupils being given a tour of a local synagogue.

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Ilan Hatchuel, an Israeli Jewish businessman who has a close association with the Moroccan royal family, told B’Hadrei Haredim that the normalization of relations with Morocco is also due to the relationship between Andre Azoulai, an advisor to Hassan II of  Morocco as well as the present king, Mohammed VI.

“The Moroccan kings have done a huge amount for the Jewish community in Morocco. We can’t forget that Hitler Ym’Sh came to Morocco and demanded a list of all of the Moroccan Jews. King Mohammed V refused and didn’t let Hitler enter the country,” Hatchuel says.

Hatchuel adds that under the present king’s authorization, Moroccan schools have begun to teach Judaism, the Jewish traditions and culture in all local schools as part of the curriculum, with a matriculation exam on the subject. “It is very moving and refreshing and gives us hope that all Arab countries will follow suit,” Hatchuel concludes.