No agenda set for cabinet meeting as coalition crisis hits new high. Blue and White leader accuses Netanyahu of seeking elections for "personal and political considerations."

Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz of Blue and White refused Saturday night to rule out backing legislation that would stop Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from serving as prime minister.Gantz’s comments come amid severe tensions within the coalition and the possibility that government ministers will not convene Sunday morning for the weekly cabinet meeting due to the crisis between Netanyahu and the Blue and White leader over the state budget.

As the divisions between the Likud and Blue and White have increased in recent weeks, and the allegations that Netanyahu is seeking new elections heightened, so too have calls from Gantz’s former allies, now in the opposition, to pass legislation which would prevent an MK from forming a government if they are under indictment.Such legislation was proposed by opposition parties after the March election and before the formation of the government, as a way of preventing Netanyahu from retaining his premiership, but Gantz ultimately chose to form a unity government instead.Asked about his position on passing such a law now, with Netanyahu insistent on passing just a one-year budget despite his coalition agreement with Gantz stipulating a two-year budget, the latter declined to rule it out. Read more at JPost