Sivan Rahav-Meir / The Daily Portion / A Post-holiday Prayer

By Sivan Rahav-Meir/Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Posted on 09/30/21

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Rabbi Zavik Harel wrote the following post-holiday prayer:

"Our Father our King, gather all the sparks.

Take all the exhaustion that was tossed aside by young and old alike, who arose with total devotion in the middle of the night to say selichot.

Take the millions of coins that were given as tzedakah for the poor throughout the world.

Take the millions of shofar blasts that were heard in synagogues, in courtyard minyans, at home in isolation, in hospital corona departments - in all the places where the good thoughts of the nation of Israel were aroused by the sounds of the shofar.

Accept the fasts of the nation of Israel on Yom Kippur - in cities, villages, and kibbutzim.

Take the millions of beautiful resolutions that were made during the ne'ilah prayer service.

Take all the exertions made to acquire the four species and build sukkahs.

Take all the decorations that children prepared to beautify the sukkah.

Take all the attempts made to rejoice by those with expectations -- the singles and unmarried, the divorced, the widowed, all those with an empty chair in their sukkah or in their heart who still managed to be happy during Sukkot.

Take all the hospitality, smiling faces, and love for fellow Jews shown throughout the holidays.

Take the millions of pairs of shoes that happily danced with the Torah while circling the bimah during hakafot on Simchat Torah.

Take the heartache of all the families of army and security personnel, medical teams and other public servants who did not celebrate the holidays with their loved ones in order that we could celebrate.

And give us a year of health, peace, prosperity, joy, and success."