Baltimore Community Shows Strong Support for its Candidate (Photo Essay)

By BJLife/Isaac Draiman
Posted on 03/16/16

Baltimore, MD - Mar. 16, 2016 - If there was any question about who the Community was supporting in the upcoming 5th District City Council Race, an event that was held at the Milbrook Banquet Hall should put no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is strong and enthusiastic support for Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer. The high energy campaign has been noticed by the entire city and people are excited to support a candidate that not only “talks the talk, but walks the walk”. From his humble beginnings on Clarinth Rd in Park Heights, Yitzy has always seen his role as someone that will fight for the District. Clearly the community understands that there is no one that can comprehend the needs of a community better than someone that has been born and raised in the community and who is now raising his own family in the same District.  

Over 150 community business, political and communal leaders packed the VIP reception standing in solidarity with their candidate, as we get closer to Election Day. The primary host of the event, Jonathan Ehrenfeld, stated, when it comes to communal needs and activism. “Yitzy, goes the extra mile for the constituents of the District. I am confident in Yitzy Schleifer's ability to lead and get things done. Good enough is not and never will be good enough, in Yitzy’s philosophy. From his stance on public safety to bringing an incredibly successful lunch program to hundreds of our kids this past summer, Yitzy is the candidate that we need at this time in our City’s history” Mr. Ehrenfeld concluded. 

As Yitzy greeted and interacted with the powerhouse attendees, he could only reflect, “it is humbling to feel the support in this room tonight. I think about the responsibility and faith my community has placed in my campaign, and it solidifies my conviction to fight for each and every member of our district. I think about my daughter as I go about getting my message out to the voters, what kind of City do I want her to grow up in? A city where there is civility, safety and unity. Where kids can play in their front yard and not worry about the crime and blight that so many in our city have to contend with. I know that there is a lot of work ahead, and I am driven to not let my community down.” 

As Election Day rapidly approaches (Early Voting April 14-21st & Election Day April 26th) there has been an increase in new voters registering, so they too can be a part of this movement to put Yitzy on the City Council. Young people that never thought there was even a reason to vote at all, are suddenly engaged and can be seen putting up signs and wearing the bright orange Schleifer signature colors as they canvas the neighborhood. As one neighborhood resident stated, it’s so encouraging to see the younger generations realizing that there is a candidate that cares this much about Baltimore and is willing to step up to make Baltimore a great place to live. We really can do better.”