Bring Your Shabbos Table Alive with Your Own Copy of ‘TableTalk’: Emor 5784/2024

Posted on 05/15/24

Baltimore, MD – May 2024 - Every Shabbos table offers every Jewish family an incredible opportunity by which they can share their joy for Shabbos, for Yiddishkeit and for HaShem with their children. Unfortunately, our schedules are hectic and many people don’t have the time to prepare themselves to utilize the Shabbos table to its fullest. Therefore, we at ACHIM created TableTalk as a pre-packaged talking points pamphlet which is attractive, fun and has something for everyone. Limited copies are distributed to many shuls on a weekly basis but they are snatched up very quickly. Get yours ASAP or click on the graphic below and print your own.

What’s in it and what’s all the excitement about?

TableTalk features:
•    Weekly halachic dilemma creating lively discussion
•    Parsha thought offering insight into the Parsha
•    Mitzvah Meme; a short aphorism with some depth
•    Story of a great person and great deeds
•    Small riddle related to the Parsha
•    An insight to HaShem’s incredible world of science
•    Answer to last week’s halachic dilemma

Click on the graphic below for this week’s parasha to read the most interesting 4-pages your Shabbos table will ever experience.