Proper Trees for Birchas Ilanos (Cherry Blossom Alert)

By BJLife Newsroom
Posted on 04/11/24

Baltimore, MD - Apr. 11, 2024  - The Mishna Berura in O”C 226:2 says that in order to make a Bracha on tree during the month of Nissan, it must be a fruit bearing tree. As such, only trees that bear edible fruit are eligible. Trees that produce inedible fruit, are not eligible to make Birchas Ilanos. Most Cherry Blossom trees (such as the famous Cherry Blossom trees in DC) do not produce any fruit and if they do, it is inedible fruit and therefore, one should not make Birchas Ilanos on Cherry Blossom trees. For further details on this special borcho, please see the following article:

Bracha On a Newly Flowering Tree – Birchas Ha'Ilanos Guidelines | STAR-K Kosher Certification