Goucher Poll: Maryland Voters Favorable of Former Governor For Senate Seat

Posted on 04/02/24 | News Source: WBAL

Baltimore, MD - Apr. 2, 2024  - Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) is still popular among Marylanders, according to the latest Goucher College Poll.

The former governor had the highest favorability percentage among the potential candidates at 63% and edged out both democratic candidates Rep. David Trone (D) and Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks (D), when asked who they would vote for in a head-to-head matchup.

The poll conducted from March 19 -24 asked 800 Maryland voters several questions about the upcoming U.S. Senate race, Gov. Wes Moore, and the direction and economic conditions in Maryland.

Hogan led the candidates with 63% of responders having a favorable opinion of him. Rep. Trone was second at 43%, while Alsobrooks was at 38% favorable opinion. Alsobrooks did have the lowest unfavorable opinion percentage at 20%, with Trone at 24%, and Hogan at 30%. She also had the highest percentage of “don’t know” responses at 40%, while Trone was at 29% and Hogan at 5%.

In the question about the general election, the poll asked who they would vote for in a matchup between the two democratic candidates and Hogan. In the matchup with Alsobrooks and Hogan, 44% said they would vote for Hogan, while 40% said Alsobrooks, with 11% undecided. For Trone, Hogan also held a slight lead at 43% to Trone’s 42%, with 10% undecided.

The poll also questioned voters whether the candidate’s position on certain topics would be a major, minor, or not a factor in determining their vote. The following percentages represent the “major” answer:

– Crime and public safety: 78%
– Economic development and jobs: 76%
– Taxes and government spending: 75%
– Health Care: 72%
– Gun Control: 68%
– Abortion: 60%
– Immigration: 58%
– The environment: 53%
– Transportation and Infrastructure: 48%
– The Israel-Hamas War: 38%

The poll also asked the voters their opinion on Gov. Wes Moore’s job so far, with 54% approving, while 28% disapproving, and 16% don’t have an opinion. In terms of the state of Maryland, 43% of the voters believe the state is going in the right direction, with 40% saying it is off track. The poll was also split about the voters’ perception of Maryland’s economy, with 45% having both a positive and negative view of the current economic situation.