Pesach Hotels: Know Before You Go! will be discussed on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at 12 Noon EST

Posted on 02/28/24

Baltimore, MD  - Feb. 28, 2024  - Host Rabbi Zvi Goldberg and panelists Rabbis Sholom Tendler and Yaakov Teichman will review the key questions you should ask before booking your trip. The discussion will include:

How to figure out which hotels are reliable from the dozens that are available
If it really matters who the certifier is
If you can truly rely on an ad that says "Glatt Kosher/Chassidishe Shechita/Cholov Yisroel/ Non-Gebrochts
YOUR questions!

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Rabbi Sholom Tendler administers STAR-K's Foodservice Division in Baltimore, overseeing more than 30 restaurants and caterers, including hotel venues. He is known throughout the professional kashrus world as an expert in insect identification and checking.

Rabbi Yaakov Teichman is responsible for the operations of the Foodservice Department at OK Kosher Certification. He also serves as the Rabbinic Administrator for Metro West Kosher in New Jersey. He grew up in the world of kashrus as the son of Rabbi Avrohom Teichman, founder and director of Kehilla Kosher, an internationally renowned hashgacha.

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