IDF Northern Command Chief: We're Preparing To Go On The Offensive Against Hezbollah

By JPost
Posted on 02/10/24 | News Source: JPost

The commander of the IDF's Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Ori Gordin stated that the IDF is determined to allow evacuated residents to return home safely during a meeting with the heads of local authorities in the North on Friday.

He also told them the IDF is preparing to go on the offensive against Hezbollah, saying, "Our goal is to change the security situation in the north in a manner that will allow us to safely return the residents home to a sense of security."

The meeting was held at command headquarters and as part of a dialogue with the heads of the local authorities.

Additionally, he relayed to them the key points of the situational intelligence and operational assessments, as well as accelerating processes of heightened readiness for the continuation of fighting in the North.

Integral part of combat procedures

Goldin emphasized to the local authority heads that these meetings are an integral part of combat procedures and that the relationship between the IDF and local leadership is of the utmost importance.

"We are determined to change the security reality that is already shifting these days and continue to prepare for an expansion of the war and to go on the offensive - this is our mission. We will continue to fight the defensive battle, to harm Hezbollah and negate its capabilities."

"Our mission is to protect the residents and communities of the north. The way we operate, and the way I intend to continue [operating], is in partnership, in full partnership with you and the residents. The residents of the north are what give us strength to continue, they are the tailwind that allows us to achieve the accomplishments we have reached so far in the north."