Surrendering Gazan Passionately Pleads To Be Freed 'From Oppression Of Hamas'

By i24
Posted on 01/08/24 | News Source: i24

During Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operations in the Gaza Strip, a group of Palestinian men surrendered to the Israeli soldiers, which has become a recurring occurrence. In the latest, a video surfaced of a man passionately pleading for the end of Hamas, a terrorist organization that has de-facto ruled the coastal enclave for over a decade.

"For 17 years we have been waiting, for 17 years we have bene living under exploitation (by Hamas)," a surrendering Palestinian man stated passionately.

"When you arrived we were waiting for you at home because we live in peace and want to live in peace. If we were guilty of something, we would have left our homes. We lived in peace in our homes," he continued.

"I swear to God we have been waiting for you to free us from the oppression of Hamas. Our children are hungry, our women are begging in the streets," the man pleaded.

When interrupted by the other men surrendering, he shouted "Let me say what's in my heart!"

"Our women started eating scraps, our children starved to death in front of our eyes. I'm sick. I'm sick. I'm sick. I have no treatment. I have no way to take care of myself. I have a skin disease and diabetes, I have no medication," the man confided.

"17 years we are under siege (by Hamas). 17 years we are under siege (by Hamas). We can't teach our children, can't eat. Do you know what the situation is in Gaza?"

"Everything turned against us. Whose fault is it? Whose fault? Hamas' fault, Hamas' fault, everything is because of Hamas," the surrendering men shouted.