IDF Eliminates Senior Hezbollah Commander In Targeted Attack - Report

By i24
Posted on 01/08/24 | News Source: i24

A senior Hezbollah commander was targeted by an alleged Israeli attack in southern Lebanon, according to Reuters. The man was later identified by Sky New Arabic as Wissam Al Tawil.

The senior commander had been reportedly been in charge of the Radwan Brigade in the area, as well as having been responsible for a weekend strike on an Israeli military base. A Lebanese security official told AFP that the eliminated target had "a leading role in directing the operations in southern Lebanon."

On Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had confirmed that there had been a Hezbollah rocket attack which damaged radar infrastructure at the Meron Air Force base in the north of the country.

Reports first surfaced  Monday of an Israeli drone strike on a car in the border town of Hirbat Salem, in southern Lebanon, during which two people were killed. Hezbollah finally confirmed that the senior commander was targeted in the attack.

A later report indicated that Tawil was hit by a roadside bomb that was activated as the senior Hezbollah operative was travelling in the village of Hirbat Salem, and not a drone, according to the Israeli Kan network, which cited a source in Lebanon.

Syrian opposition media reported that Tawil is the brother-in-law of Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's Secretary-General.