In Time for Chanukah Watch A Baltimore Creation: Mission To Live (Official Lyric Video) Featuring Uri Meltzer & Yaakov Rosenblum (Video)

By BJLife Newsroom
Posted on 12/11/23

Baltimore, MD – Dec. 7, 2023 - In time for Chanuka and as we daven for Al Hanissim once again, it is with great excitement that the song and video “Mission to Live” has been re-released by Michelle Anflick, Judy Landman and Judy Meltzer to support and encourage the Jewish People.

In April of 2022, Erev Pesach, it was first released as in gratitude to the Chabad shluchim of Ukraine and to United Hatzalah who were involved with the rescue efforts of the Ukrainian people after that war broke out. Now we find ourselves in a different war, that of an existential battle waged by the help of Hashem through the brave soldiers of the IDF conducting Operation Swords of Iron.

This video is dedicated to the Jewish People and in memory of the holy martyrs from the October 7th massacre, with prayers for the hostages. We salute the soldiers, ZAKA, Hatzalah and the awesome chessed organization, Chessed V’Rachamim!

Be inspired by this beautiful tribute sung by the talented vocalists Uri Meltzer and Yaakov Rosenblum, with videography and production by Jeremy Englander of Blue Door Recording Studio, and videography by Avi Deer.

Lyrics by Judy Landman and Michelle Anflick.

Vocalists: Yaakov Rosenblum and Uri Meltzer.
Videography by Avi Deer

Production by Jeremy Englander of Blue Door Recording Studio